Principal's Message

International Public School kot -Ise -Khan Moga (Pb.) is committed to provide a congenial atmosphere to the pupils where they can develop their innate powers and achieve great heights without losing their individuality. IPS endeavours to draw out the best from the children and assist them to craft their personality . In addition , it inspires its pupils to move ahead with the times to accomplish their goals.


Good education is a process that brings about desirable growth in the student- the growth that one is able to see and evaluate from year to year. Various kinds of growth must take place in the process of school education. 1. Registration to Pre – Nry to Upper kinder garden (U.K.G.) class is made in jan– feb every year as per the Principal’s circular. 2.Eligibility for admission to Pre Nry.


International Public School is following CBSE and follows the CCE pattern. The medium of instruction is English.

1.Social Science
3.Languages(English , Hindi , Punjabi) 4.Mathematics
6.Group Work
7.Model and chart