Good education is a process that brings about desirable growth in the student- the growth that one is able to see and evaluate from year to year. Various kinds of growth must take place in the process of school education.

1. Registration to Pre – Nry to Upper kinder garden (U.K.G.) class is made in jan– feb every year as per the Principal’s circular.

2.Eligibility for admission to Pre Nry. class is 2 and half years , Nry. class is 3 years , L.K.G. class is 4 years and U.K.G. is 5 years as on 31st March of the concerned academic year. Submission of the application form along with the original Municipal Birth Certificate is mandatory.

3.New admission to other classes will be made subject to the vacancies in each class in the month of March after the annual results.

4.Students who seek admission to other classes in this School are required to submit their original date of birth certificate in addition to their school leaving certificate showing their date of birth.