• AC classrooms: All the classrooms are lively , colourful and air conditioned /airy with lot of informative toys and soft boards. The classroom furniture is imported , colourful  and child friendly.
  • Smart class: Smart class is a digital and interactive class room environment , which is rapidly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools with innovative and meaningful use of technology. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for our little cherubs.
  • Experienced Faculty: All our staff members are very well educated and experienced in handling small children. We call them mother teachers as they give lot of love and attention to each child. We strive to create mutual respect and encourage weekly communication between parents , teachers and administrators.
  • Amphitheatre: Since stage exposure is very important for every child we have an amphitheatre in our school where children practice their skills.
  • Well Equipped Library: We have a well equipped library with lot of books which are very informative and useful for the small children.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Play Zone: the play zones are built for free play and outdoor activities and role play.

Classroom VS Home Bases:

The play way and Montessori methods work in fusion and the rigidity of confining the child to a particular area is done away with The indoor four walled structure is an auxiliary to the main activity area that is the natural surrounding. Creative landscapes further add a dimension to the learning ambience where the idea is learning –through- playing.

In addition to play areas of varied sizes , the school also has several outdoor games e.g. sand area ; amphitheatre , dolls corner , block corners , library , musical wall and other kid – centered attraction.

Discipline Plan:

The forms of discipline we use at National Convent Sen. Sec. School are encouragement and winning cooperation.

In order to foster this approach the teachers establish a positive relationship with each child , and provide the child with acceptable choices.

If a child is showing socially unacceptable behavior like hitting or scratching other children , a parent teacher conference can be called straight away to discuss and share ideas for more effective ways to deal with the child.

If the child’s parents or teachers are concerned about the child’s behavior , a parent Teacher conference can be called to discuss and share ideas for more effective ways to deal with the child.

Aims and Philosophy:

Our mission is to assist and encourage our children in learning more of who they are , and then help them in developing and expressing themselves with confidence and joy.

Knowledge is power , but more importantly it is how you use it with wisdom. At National Convent kindergarten School , this will be developed through a nurturing educational environment through trial and error , through love and compassion and with the understanding that each individual progresses at their own pace . respect for the individuality is primary in developing healthy minds and healthy individuals.

At National Convent kindergarten School , we provide students with a broad range of experiences, focusing not only on academics , fine arts , physical education and school preparation, but also developing an awareness of social and environmental needs .

Objectives- Targets:

  • To offer a safe , pleasant and stimulating environment to children aged 2 years old to Pre – Primary.
  • To cultivate children with personality and self confidence , equipped with knowledge skills , principles and values.
  • To recognize and develop the skills and strengths of our students.
  • To promote the creativity of our children through a variety of activities including dance, exercise , art . music , theatre.
  • To develop our future citizens’ cultural , social and environmental sensitivities through excursion , tours and community events.
  • To offer affection , love and joy to our children and fill them with beautiful , happy memorable experiences that will accompany them throughout their lives.